Episode 023: Nothing But Net – NNN Show – NNN Investing in the US for International Investors


In this episode, hosts Adam Carswell and Michael Flight are joined by Billy Keels, Founder of KeePon Cashflow, to discuss how both national and international investors can reap the benefits of Net Lease (NNN) investments in the US. Billy explains how investors can earn passive income even with a full-time job, as he has successfully proven himself. Michael, Adam and Billy also talk about the better optionality investors get with Triple Net properties, especially with blockchain technology like Security Tokens implemented in the deals. Closing the show, they lay out the fundamental steps to invest non-US Capital in US real estate as well as emphasize the importance of investors educating themselves on their investments and the area’s specific laws they have to comply with.

Michael and Adam would like to give a huge thanks to Billy for coming on the show and sharing his knowledge and experience with the Nothing But Net community.

Headshot of Billy Keels, Founder of KeePon Cashflow

Billy Keels, KeePon Cashflow

Before becoming a real estate entrepreneur, KeePon Cashflow’s founder Billy Keels worked in the corporate world. In fact, he was one of the best “corporate soldiers” you’d ever want to meet. Billy wanted to be an entrepreneur who brought two worlds together. He wanted to give individuals where he lives the chance to invest in properties on U.S. soil. So he took steps and kept on the path to his goals. KeePon Cashflow is the result of his efforts. Today, Billy is an international real estate entrepreneur, problem-solver, author, coach and mentor. He sees opportunities where others often don’t in real estate. No “overnight success,” Billy continues to work toward his vision and goals. Topmost on his list? Building a bridge between investors and buyers in Europe with sellers in the U.S.

Contact Billy Keels:

Website: keeponcashflow.com

Timestamped Shownotes:

01:41 – Host Adam Carswell and co-host Michael Flight, CEO and co-founder of Liberty Real Estate LLC (Liberty), introduce special guest Billy Keels, Founder of KeePon Cashflow

04:58 – How did Billy transition from the corporate world traveling around the globe to becoming a real estate entrepreneur?

07:42 – What has been Billy’s biggest influence in building relationships with foreign investors?

10:34 – How does Billy manage his time to work a full-time job and passively invest in real estate?

13:52 – What are the benefits of the options real estate investments offer?

15:00 – How does a global perspective benefit real estate investors?

17:24 – How did Billy decide he wanted to invest in real estate? 

22:56 – How has Billy’s investment journey evolved? 

25:00 – How do the demographic and economic differences of real estate investments affect investors’ return on investments (ROIs)?

27:18 – Why should you understand the difference in currency when talking with international and foregin investors?

29:34 – How does blockchain technology give more options for investing and offer investors higher returns?

31:16 – Why do investors have to understand and educate themselves on what they are investing in?

34:17 – What are the fundamental steps to invest non-US capital in US real estate?

38:52 – Why is it essential to make sure an investment with a company is complying with all laws in each country involved?

For more information contact us here and mention Nothing But Net or simply NNN:

For more information contact us here and mention Nothing But Net or simply NNN:

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