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Nothing But Net episode 28 image displaying Nothing But Net - NNN episode NNN028 HUNTER THOMPSON EXPLAINS RAISING CAPITAL FOR NNN PROPERTIES.  Hunter Thompson is Founder of Asym Capital and host of the extremely popular and exceptionally informative Cash Flow Connections podcast. Sponsored by Liberty Real Estate Fund.

In this episode, hosts Adam Carswell and Michael Flight join Hunter Thompson, Founder of Asym Capital, to discuss how he successfully raises millions of dollars for his passive income real estate investments and teaches others his process. Hunter lays out his proven system for raising capital that emphasizes how to attract, educate and nurture prospective investors to close on deals with him. Michael, Adam and Hunter also talk about why diversifying your investment portfolio with different asset classes of real estate, especially Triple Net properties, in various geographic locations yields great returns for investors. Closing the show, they touch on the future of real estate with blockchain technology being introduced into this marketspace and why it is beneficial for investors.

Michael and Adam would like to give a huge thanks to Hunter for sharing his knowledge and experience with the Nothing But Net community.

Hunter Thompson, Real Estate Investor & Capital Raising Expert

Headshot of Hunter Thompson, Founder of Asym Capital

Hunter is a full-time real estate investor, and founder of Asym Capital (“AY-SIM). Since founding Asym, Hunter has helped more than 400 retail investors acquire over $150,000,000 of mobile home parks, self-storage, retail, office, ATM machines, and cryptocurrency assets. Hunter is also the host of the Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast, which has received over 1,000,000 downloads. He also wrote Raising Capital for Real Estate, which hit #1 on Amazon in Real Estate Sales and Selling.

Timestamped Shownotes:

01:41 – Host Adam Carswell and co-host Michael Flight, CEO and co-founder of Liberty Real Estate LLC (Liberty), introduce special guest Hunter Thompson, Founder of Asym Capital

05:49 – How can people become successful entrepreneurs?

09:09 – What does it take to become a productive capital raiser?

15:42 – What is the nature of entrepreneurship?

16:17 – What is Hunter’s A.E.N.C. system that he uses to build out his company and raise capital?

18:11 – How does Hunter attract investor interest through his business strategy?

24:00 – How does Hunter gain credibility by focusing on different asset classes to invest in with his business? 

27:19 – What process does Hunter recommend for people looking to diversify their investment portfolio?

31:26 – What are the advantages of investing in Triple Net lease properties?

37:07 – How does Hunter plan to multiply Asym Capital’s growth this year?

41:53 – How does Blockchain technology benefit the future of real estate investing?

Key Points:

1. Find a good niche, position yourself well, have patience, develop a brand, consistently over-deliver and work hard to become a successful entrepreneur and capital raiser.

2. In order to have any market advantage, investors have to be hyper-specialized in a niche while being geographically and asset-class diversified.

3. The advantageous predictability of outcome with NNN deals and relationship with your lenders is very important to net lease real estate investing, especially during times of market uncertainty.

4. Different metrics are relevant to understanding publicly traded versus privately traded real estate, with some general overlap.

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