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Nothing But Net episode image featuring Steffany Boldrini to talk about how to invest in triple net real estate.

In this episode, hosts Adam Carswell and Michael Flight bring on Steffany Boldrini, Principal at Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments, LLC, to discuss how she found her way into the lucrative space of net lease real estate investing. Steffany walks us through the benefits of investing in commercial real estate with essential businesses like car washes that make the investments recession-resistant and highlight the stability of the properties, especially compared to the risk-averse model of angel investing. Michael, Adam and Steffany also emphasize some unique lease clauses that can show up in real estate deals, including cotenancy clauses, dark clauses and sale leasebacks. Closing the show, they touch on how Steffany has optimized her podcast to not only teach others about commercial real estate investing but teach herself some important lessons along the way.

Michael and Adam would like to give a huge thanks to Steffany for coming on the show and sharing her knowledge and experience with the Nothing But Net community.

Headshot of Steffany Boldrini, Principal at Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments, LLC

Steffany Boldrini, Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments, LLC

Steffany Boldrini was born and raised in a small ranch in Brazil called Monte Carlo Ranch. Her mother raised her and her two sisters with incredible strength and many sacrifices; the name Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments is in her honor. In 2010, Steffany founded a marketplace focused on natural, organic, and non-toxic products. Since then, she has won multiple awards as a sales leader at successful startups (one of which went public and is worth over $20B, and another has been sold to Microsoft). For over three years, Steffany has focused on her career in commercial real estate investing after receiving inspiration from experienced real estate investors in Silicon Valley.

She began her commercial real estate investing career in her spare time by taking on a mentorship program with an experienced retail real estate investor who gave her an extremely valuable early education in the world of commercial real estate. It was through this mentorship that Steffany began to make offers on both retail and office properties and began her journey as a fully-fledged real estate investor. Through her exposure to multiple real estate asset classes via her mentor, and due to the volatility and “bubble-like” state which many real estate investors have noticed in a number of major markets, Steffany began to explore other asset classes in which she could invest. Steffany first heard about the self-storage asset class while listening to a podcast,  and decided to take a closer look. During her initial investigation, Steffany found that this asset class suited her desire for long-term passive income without high levels of maintenance or management, allowing her to gain both freedom of time and freedom of money in the future. Even more importantly, self-storage could also provide an asset class which is, for all intents and purposes, “recession-resistant.” To give back to the community, Steffany hosts the “Commercial Real Estate Investing from A-Z” podcast. The show focuses on investing in retail, office, industrial, and self-storage properties.

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Timestamped Shownotes:

03:44 – Host Adam Carswell and co-host Michael Flight, CEO and co-founder of Liberty Real Estate LLC (Liberty), introduce special guest Steffany Boldrini, Principal at Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments, LLC

07:12 – What drew Steffany to Triple Net (NNN) and commercial real estate as a great investment strategy?

09:14 – What are the benefits of real estate investing over angel investing?

10:25 – Why is it important to have a mentor to introduce you to net lease and commercial real investments?

12:49 – What has Steffany learned from her experiences with net lease properties?

13:58 – Where did Steffany begin looking for Triple Net Real Estate investment opportunities?

17:02 – What is Dual Agency in a real estate deal?

19:12 – How did Steffany learn to underwrite real estate properties like Car Washes?

20:19 – What is a Sale Leaseback?

20:38 – Why do net lease properties have a sustainable business model for investing, especially essential business?

22:34 – What is a Reciprocal Easement Agreement (REA) and why would investors want that for their net lease properties?

24:48 – How did Steffany learn about the special lease clauses that can be included in lease agreements? 

26:14 – What is lease abstracting and what are the benefits of a lease abstract for real estate investments?

27:24 – What are the major deal points of a real estate lease agreement?

28:05 – What is a Cotenancy Clause and why are they beneficial for commercial real estate deals?

28:53 – What are some of the most memorable lease clauses Steffany has come across?

29:02 – What is a Dark Clause in a lease agreement and what are the positive and negative scenarios of tenants “going dark”?

33:04 – What does Steffany recommend for anyone trying to start a podcast? 

34:14 – How did Steffany educate herself on real estate through podcasting?

Key Points:

. Commercial real estate offers sustainable, recession-resistant returns to investors.

2. Net Lease and Triple Net properties have many lease clauses that can benefit the investor and protect against bad tenant behavior.

3. How to create a lease abstract to tell if a net lease real estate property meets your specific investment criteria. 

4. The importance of educating yourself on the types of real estate you are investing in to take advantage of commercial property deals.

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For more information contact us here and mention Nothing But Net or simply NNN:

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